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Flip Agro is a growing food distributor in North America. We are driven by strong values and the people who uphold them. We help our clients with distribution, sourcing and procurement services of high-quality foods and beverages globally.

Building customer relationships require time, effort and sincerity. For Flip Agro, it began with a promise to assist foodservice operators in providing consumers with sourcing and procurement solutions best suited to their needs. Our product quality is so good that you will not go anywhere else and we Put Food Safety First. Our Quality Assurance associates develop specific actions for over 1200 products.

At Flip Agro, we specialize and take great pride in our outstanding line of Candy, Snacks, Beverages, Meat, Beef, beef, and chicken products. For years we have been a reliable buying house/supplier to a wide variety of restaurants, grocers (grocery stores), private and public schools, and other food-related businesses.

From our buyers to our delivery team, Flip Agro is dedicated to serving your business with the widest variety and highest quality of beef and chicken products. We stand strong with all of our products and services. You can depend on Flip Agro to always have your product at a consistent quality every time. We realize that you want your customers to return to your restaurant or grocery store over-and-over again. We push to make sure that your business, no matter how small or large, receives customized service. From customized cuts of steak, handmade or machine hamburger patties to succulent chicken wings, Quality Products, Fair Prices, and Excellent Service (QFE), it’s the way we do business at Flip Agro! .

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