Do I Need An Account To Post Ads?. 2

How Many Types of Membership Does Have?. 2

How do I Join as a Free Member?. 2

How Many Ads Can I Post In as a Free Member?. 2

Verified Members. 2

What are Verified Members on 2

Benefits of Being a Verified Member. 3

How do I Become a Verified Member?. 3

How Long Does the Verification Process Take?. 3

What is the Validity of the Verification?. 3

What is the Verification Cost?. 3

How Many Ads Can I Post on as a Verified Member?. 3

What is a Diamond Membership?. 3

How Can I get a Diamond Membership?. 3

What is the Cost of a Diamond Membership. 3

How Many Ads Can I Post on as a Diamond Member?. 4

Will My Ad Be Available Immediately when Posted?. 4

How Long Will My Ad Stay On Your Website?. 4

How Do I Post an Ad?. 4

How to Post an Effective Ad. 4


Do I Need An Account To Post Ads?

All users on will need to create an account and build a Company profile to post ads; however, if you plan to only source vendors frequently we encourage you to create an account with us (a Buyer account makes creating buyer requests quotes and post buying leads, editing or deleting posts much easier).



How Many Types of Membership Does Have? has three memberships' types:

      I.        Free Member

     II.        Verified Member

    III.        Diamond Member

How do I Join as a Free Member?

To join as a Free Member, please follow the below steps:

1.     Click "Create New Account";

2.     Complete the registration form and click "Create My Account".

3.     Verify your email address by following the link sent to your email.

4.     Complete your company profile and you should be ready to start posting Ads.


Note: Please be advised to choose your actual country of residence. If you falsify your country, our system will define where you are from by matching your IP address to your location and this might result with your disqualification from posting ads on


How Many Ads Can I Post In as a Free Member?

Currently, you are limited to 10 ad postings for a 12 month period. After reaching the limit, simply request to become a verified member by filling out a request application form.



What are Verified Members on

Verified Members are suppliers who have been verified by This includes verification of the company name, company's registered address, and contact information by team. A Verified member is a Privileged member of At present, Verified member option is only available for limited countries. As a Verified Member, you have better chance to let buyers find your products and increase buyer's trust as we shall add our verified membership seal to your profile indicating you have been verified and can be trust worthy.




How Many Ads Can I Post as a Verified Member?

As soon as your application is review and approved, your membership status will be updated to a verified member. With your new status, you will be able to post up to 100 ads and enjoy some basic premium services offered by




Benefits of Being a Verified Member

Becoming a Verified Supplier makes you become more trustworthy to buyers and it becomes easier for buyers to find Verified Members than unverified members. As a verified member you enjoy the following privileges of having your company and product listings appear at the top of page rankings to those from unverified suppliers. You also get a verified seal listed on your supplier profile by Some supplier verifications may attract administrative fees, depending on the supplier's location and corporation with our verification team.


Note: All Diamond Members must be verified before a Diamond membership seal is added to their profile.


How do I Become a Verified Member?

To apply for a Verified Member on, please select upgrade membership in your membership profile to fill out the application form.


How Long Does the Verification Process Take?

After receiving your application, our client verification department will check and give you feedback within 5 business days.


What is the Validity of the Verification?

All verifications are valid for a year and must be reviewed at least 30 days before expiration. You shall receive a notification on your verification status and procedures for renewal.


What is the Verification Cost?

Verified Membership is free in most countries, while there may be some administrative charges in a few countries.


How Many Ads Can I Post on as a Verified Member?

Verified members can post 100 free ads on You can also enjoy some premium features, such as home page listings and promotional offers if members choose to subscribe and pay for such privileges.


What is a Diamond Membership?

A Diamond Membership is a verified paid membership that allows access and ability to upload, edit, manage a complete catalog on, and continually build your advertising page within, This gives you the capability to post an unlimited number of ads and increase your customer reach. You also enjoy top product ranking, increased product showcases, dedicated customer support care, exclusive access to buyers, and some home page promotional privileges.

How Can I get a Diamond Membership?
If you want to upgrade from a Verified membership to a Diamond membership, please use the upgrade membership icon on your company profile page. Fill out the application and submit your request. As soon as your request is received, a customer service representative will contact you with all required information for a Diamond membership.

What is the Cost of a Diamond Membership
Diamond memberships have a premium annual fee. Please email our sales team at or call our customer support team at (+1) 832-516-9757 for a quote.

How Many Ads Can I Post on as a Diamond Member?

There is no limit on how many ads you can post as a Diamond Member. All your ads are ranked as top priority under all ad category listings on


Will My Ad Be Available Immediately when Posted?

All ads posted by Free Members and Verified Members must go through a verification process before being published on Once approved and activated, your ad will be posted and you will be notified by email. If you are posting your ad as a Diamond Member, your ad will be available immediately.


How Long Will My Ad Stay On Your Website?

Ad duration on vary according to membership status.

*  Ads posted by Free members will run for 60 days and then will be deleted off

*  Ads Posted by Verified Members will run for 120 days before being delete from

*  Ads posted by Diamond Members will run for 365 days before being delete from

To maintain your ads on for extended periods, regularly update your ads and upgrade your membership to a Diamond membership.


How Do I Post an Ad?

To post an ad, login and go to My Account, then click on Add a New Product. Post your ad and select a category. Fill out all required fields and click on the submit button. If you are posting as a guest, you will be asked to activate your post by logging into the email account of the email address you provided with your post. Log into your email account and click on the activation link in the email that was sent to you.

How to Post an Effective Ad

It's as simple as 1, 2, 3... When you follow these three steps:

1.     Make sure your ad has a catchy title.

2.     Make sure it has a description (100+ characters) in its body and not just links and/or banner ads alone. Keep in mind that ads with relevant keywords in their descriptions are more likely to come up in search results.

3.     It's highly recommended that you upload at least one image with your ad; the image will be used as a thumbnail preview in the listings. Ads with thumbnail previews tend to get more visits.



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