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How to Sell

  Buy.gif Sign In Or Create a Customer Account

The first step to making money with Flip Agro is to create your seller account. Click the following for the Easy Fill Registration Page.  From here you will be prompted with a few different options, to see a breakdown of different account features and benefits, click here.

 Buy.gif  List Inventory:
Next you will list the products you have for sale. Simply click on the My flipagro Tab at the top right of the page and click “Post Products”. Fill out all applicable areas. All listings must be submitted for approval, this status can be seen from the “Manage Products” section of your account.



 Buy.gif  Classify Your Listing:

 Product Classifications Include:

Product Classifications Include:

a) Buy Now:  Using the buy now option will allow the customer to purchase at the exact price and shipping cost provided as long as inventory is available. No contact is made between Buyer and Seller.

b) Auction:  Sellers have the option to auction their equipment inventory on Flip Agro. To take advantage of this feature simply select auction and fill in the additional information necessary to complete the listing.

c) Rental:  If you would like to rent your equipment you can select this classification and fill out the necessary details. Please ensure you provide any rental disclosure in the description section to avoid any conflict.

Note: Fees, Terms and conditions apply for listing an item under the above classifications.

Buy.gif   Ship Products to Customers:
Once a sale has been made you will receive email as well as internal flipagro Notifications. Ensure the correct product is shipped and a tracking number has been provided to the customer within 24 hours of purchase.  (In the case of a rental, the customer will pick up at designated location)




Buy.gifGet Paid:
Payments are made by Flip Agro directly on a weekly intervals to the bank account you have provided as a payment option.   (In the case of the rental a percentage of the complete rental cost will be deducted from the sellers charge method after pick-up confirmation has been made)

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